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Working Side by Side with the Best

On Cince de Mayo, I attended a boudoir workshop hosted by the magnificent Sara Condie. Myself and ten other photographers got together with eight models to teach and learn from each other everything that encompasses boudoir photography. It was an amazing day and I really enjoyed all that I learned from the experience. It also gave me an idea to host my own Boudoir Workshop later this year! We started off with the most in love couple I have ever met, Skyler and Ashley...

Skyler & Ashley

These two lovebirds are the real deal. Their absolute love and admiration of each other is literally magical to witness. A single touch from one to the other is fireworks, you could feel the tension in the air and they didn't even notice the flock of photographers surrounding them. I cannot tell you how much I adored meeting them and getting to work with them and I plan on shooting with them again in the future as well. Next, I had the chance to shoot with the voluptuous Savanna,

who I have had the privilege of working with before...


Miss Savanna is always a joy to work with! I photographed her a few times last year and she is always down to play with new ideas and poses. I really loved getting her into a completely new environment and share her with other photographers at the same time. I love her confidence in her curves and how open her spirit is when she is being photographed. Sir Tyler was next on the gambit of beautiful people we photographed...


Tyler is new to the modeling scene here in Utah but you would never guess it by working with him. He's quick to change up his expressions and posing while also responding well to direction. I enjoyed working with him as my second solo male model for boudoir and I'm definitely excited to work with him again in the future. I loved getting him to crack with laughter and real smiles because as a boy mom, I have lots of funny boy stories! Plus he's pretty easy on the eyes *wink wink*

Keep an eye out for my next blog that will include maternity, fitness and bridal boudoir!

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