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Guest Blog- Jazz

Hi all! My names Jazz and I’m lucky enough to be able to be involved with Centerfold Boudoir. My first session was a model call my friend told me about and I decided why not?! I was a nervous wreck and had no idea what I was doing!! Allyssa and Bri made me feel more comfortable the second I walked in the door (even though I was like 45 minutes late📷) they weren’t mad and didn’t judge me just welcomed me with open arms and got right to work. Bri is an amazing HMUA and helped me feel so comfortable while she was getting me ready & listened to me when I asked her not to cover my freckles. 

The fun really started when Allyssa got shooting- she poses you from head to toe & reminds you that it’s okay and to breathe! They both cheered me on the entire time and had me laughing. I didn’t want to leave them! Then a Allyssa did my reveal with me and my jaw dropped! She got the most stunning images & still to this day I am in awe over them! 

I had so much fun at my first session that I just had to apply when the positions for brand ambassadors came around! It has been such a blast! I love the fact that we have this wonderful group of women that just support and love each other and most of us haven’t even met or live in different states! This group is something that is unmatched by any other. You’ve got something going on? Tell us! Funny jokes? We love those too! Body image problems? Get a shoot done and they will show you just how gorgeous you are! 

I can’t tell you how much doing Boudior has helped me as a woman. My normal self after having 3 kids and holding the weight from my last baby would never have done this! But I took the leap and haven’t felt better about myself even before kids! Yeah I have stretch marks, cellulite, a baby pouch, & many other things but somehow every time I get the chance to shoot with Allyssa I learn to love myself a little more📷

I love all the ideas Allyssa comes up with- no set of images is the same even though they are shot in the same room/ same day. She has an amazing client wardrobe and awesome props. Allyssa’s personality is so welcoming & she is your biggest cheerleader. She’s the reason I love boudoir. I don’t think I could do shoots with any other team and be as happy or more comfortable during my session! 

Thanks for all you do Allyssa, you’re the best!!! 

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