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Thriving in the times

This week in Utah has been full of tension and crazy events, from finding out Sunday evening that school was cancelled, to the recommendations to stay home Monday and to the earthquake ( a first for me and my babies) on Wednesday, emotions have been high all over. Even in trying to remain calm there were many moments that I have felt like the worst wife and mother ever, because as a real human sometimes we just break. Sometimes there is just too much going on. I cannot tell you how much I want to get in a giant tub and just relax in some hot bubbles.

We took Thursday to go for a drive into nowhere, we ended up in Delle, Utah (about halfway to the Bonneville Salt Flats) going for a hike behind a Sinclair. Literally, this space reminded me so much of home. The desert was quiet and serene, there were marks from muddy days gone by and neat rocks that my children found perfect for their collections. As a bonus, the only people nearby was the gas station attendant, so we definitely did our part in social distancing while also getting some much needed exercise and fresh air.

In this time of stress, uncertainty and fear we must be the foundation of normalcy for those we love while still taking the precautions to prevent the spread of illness to those most at risk. We must find our calm and share these moments with others as they struggle to find peace. Take back your power in unique ways, go out into the desert and have a picnic or a hike, learn to cook something new, practice your gardening, dance or put together a puzzle. Don't let this time mark you AND your children and grandchildren for the rest of time as a stressful, frustrating and trying time. Make your mark while being yourself and explore the world around you without causing harm to others.

What should we take away from this unprecedented time? This is our chance to be bigger than ourselves, to create peace around us for people we may or may not know. Our world is changing every minute now faster than it ever has before and only we can make this transition a tranquil one. Call your friends and check on them. Call your older relatives and remind them that they are older and need to use those senior shopping hours. We will get through this but we have to work together to make it work well.

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