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Meet the Team


Your Photographer- Allyssa

Hey there! I'm Allyssa! The photographer behind the scenes of Centerfold Boudoir! Boudoir photography entered my life in 2017 from a sweet photographer friend of mine- I swore it would never be my thing after being a portrait and landscape photographer since I was a child! But once I jumped in with both feet I fell in love and I've specialized in it ever since! 

I grew up in New Mexico and moved to Salt Lake in 2016 with my family. I am married to a disabled veteran, we have three wild, young boys and a snuggly Olde English Bulldog! My favorite food is pretty much anything with Hatch chiles and coffee! I love to bake, crochet, paint, garden and explore! My husband jokes that he didn't know he married a grandma, haha.
I got my very first, non-disposable camera when I was ten from a dear family friend. My grandmother, who has always been one for taking pictures, taught me everything she knew, but most importantly taught me that pictures are all we have left after we're gone. Cherishing those special moments captured has become a personal project of mine. I got my first picture published in Albuquerque the magazine in 2014 and jumped right into corporate studio work from there. I learned so much about lighting, posing and composition while working there. 

Have any questions about me? Feel free to ask! 


Your Hair & Makeup Artist 
& Personal Cheerleader - Cali

Hi, I'm Cali, your friendly neighborhood hair and makeup artist! I became interested in boudoir because I needed to see the beauty in myself, and in doing so, a passion for helping others see the beauty in themselves grew.
From answering Allyssa's model call, to the two of us becoming a creative power house, to becoming the official in-house HMUA for Centerfold Boudoir, she and I have been working together for five years cultivating a safe and creative community for everybody. If there's a better feeling than helping and seeing someone's confidence grow, I haven't found it yet. I absolutely LOVE my job.
I was born and raised in Utah in a house full of brothers. I love animals. I'm a proud fur mama of two dogs and two cats. I love music and poetry. I have a special love for the SLC hardcore scene, but if it's music, I'm almost guaranteed to like it. I'm a strong supporter of being the best, boldest, and most unapologetic version of yourself. I love both making and eating food, and I'm a big fan of anything cheesy. (Food or otherwise.)

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