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Size doesn't define your Beauty!

A common phrase I hear among women is that they will do a session when they lose X amount of pounds, or get to size X or they want to tone up first... I can tell you from experience, if you make the excuses today, even when you get to your "goal" you will find more excuses! They never stop. You will never feel "sexy enough" or "confident enough" if you give yourself a reason not to. How do I know? Because EVERY SINGLE CLIENT that walks through my door tells me they are so nervous that they won't rock their session, that they aren't going to love their pictures and EVERY SINGLE CLIENT leaves feeling like an absolute GODDESS!!!

I have worked with ladies of literally ALL sizes! From under 100 lbs to well over 300 lbs, there is no restrictions on being pampered and feeling beautiful, and no matter your size you DESERVE to feel like a goddess! I speak from experience when I say these things. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and the largest I have EVER been in my life. It's frustrating and intimidating, even with the "excuse" of pregnancy. It's hard to look at myself in the mirror and see anything more than a mom, let alone a woman forget a beautiful one. I understand how hard it can be to see yourself through your own eyes and not think yourself capable of being as beautiful as these other women...

My 34 week selfie versus my professional maternity portrait taken over the weekend... (Photo credit: Jazalynn Powers)


While I understand the desire to be as beautiful as these other women, realize this. You can't be beautiful like them... you can only be beautiful like YOU!!! And you are a stunning creature, a vixen, a sight for sore eyes, a pristine image of humanity... just the way you are!!! You don't need to be beautiful like anyone else because you are PERFECT!!! Celebrate your beauty! Stop envying other women, stop comparing yourself to women who look nothing like you, stop telling yourself that you aren't beautiful! Our goal when you walk through our door isn't to make you beautiful like anyone but yourself, we want to show off YOUR best features and we don't see anything "wrong" with you! We aren't going to photoshop you skinnier, we aren't going to "hide" your flaws, we are going to show you just how supremely gorgeous YOU are!

During these next few months, I won't be producing new work as I'll be caring for my newest little one, but don't think I will have forgotten about you all. I am excited to start booking 2021 on Black Friday! I can't believe all the beautiful women I've been able to work with in the last year and it blows my mind that I get to play dress up and take sexy photos of all you incredible women! It's absolutely amazing and a dream come true to be able to do this for a living! In the meantime, start hyping yourself up! Get yourself pumped about YOU! Fall in love with yourself this winter and I hope to book you for next year once you do!!!


Have you joined our Facebook group yet? It's full of former and future clients and we talk about so much more than just my photography! All female identifying humans are welcome!

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