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Boudoir IS for you!

So what IS boudoir about...? they don't think they are sexy, or they cannot be the glamorous ladies they see on my website or that they are just silly and don't see themselves as irresistible. Let me tell you, none of that is true. You may not be Jessica Rabbit sexy, but seriously who is! We put so much pressure on ourselves to be someone we aren't and that's just not what boudoir is about.

So what IS boudoir about...?

Boudoir is about embracing who YOU are!!! It's about your favorite colors, styles, your hobbies, stage of life, sense of humor and you feeling your best and loving who you are. Boudoir is a celebration of everything good about you. If you are kinky in the bedroom... AWESOME, bring your handcuffs or flogger! If you love to read, bring your favorite book and let's capture you enjoying what you love... So what does this mean when it comes to YOUR session?

One of my favorite parts about planning your session is getting to know you! I of course will have a special vision for you but I love when you bring me things to incorporate and create your perfect imagery with. I've been so lucky to have people bring their man's clothes, gifts, sports items, jerseys and more... It's literally the most exciting thing for me when you have an interesting item that is special to you and yours! I love building a rapport with my clients and find that the new friendships we develop make my work that much more fun!!!

The most important part of planning any boudoir session is that you are comfortable, confident and happy at the end of your session. This is why my Signature Session includes hair and makeup, access to my client wardrobe and a day of being encouraged and cheered by myself and Miss Brianna! We want the experience to be just as important as your final images! So what do you want to feature in your boudoir session?

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