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Queen of the Damned

#utah #photographer #boudoir #halloween #dark #witchywoman #blood #scary #fangs #cosplay

Miss J and I have had four sessions together and after our last boudoir session together we had a lot of healing that we needed WITH each other. We were both traumatized by the events following our second session and I sincerely was dying to get her back into the studio with me. I needed to make new great memories with her and I finally got my chance when she jumped on one of my Halloween sessions!

To say I was excited when she brought out her fangs and high end fake blood is an understatement! She brought her A game! She was ready to make it hot and steamy and EVERY single shot was more electrifying than the last! For the first time while photographing her, I felt like I really saw Miss J, her true self! Something that is unmistakable in her images. . It actually feels like she's going to bite you!

These sessions are a favorite of mine because I love getting to play with you. Miss J let me have fun, play dress up and create an ambiance with her sensual ideas that I hadn't really gotten to do before. If I was going to be seduced into immortality, Miss J would have done it in a heartbeat! Do you have an idea for a unique boudoir session? Do you cosplay or have a particular character that you just love? Reach out and let's make some magic!

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