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3 Tips on What to Wear for Your Session

I LOVE BOUDOIR! It brings me SO much joy- I love all the aspects, especially the "dressing up" portion! It doesn't matter if we are showcasing soft lace, shiny leather, rugged denim or a favorite dress... One of the best parts is that you don't NEED to go spend hundreds of dollars on lingerie before your session! You have so many options including use of my client closet!

*Featuring Miss D wearing all client closet items*

1. I have plenty of lingerie in YOUR size for you to use!

I average 20 pieces of lingerie per size, from sizes XS - 6X. We're sure to have at least one outfit you will love that fits you! In addition, if you've booked a Signature Session, you get to keep one of your outfits from your session! Most outfits have never been worn and those that have get professionally cleaned and disinfected. I love to go shopping for lingerie for every body and try to have as much variety as possible without lingerie taking over the entire studio!

2. Boudoir is so much more than just lingerie!

While lingerie is definitely a great go-to for a boudoir session, you don't HAVE to wear any lingerie at all. Not only can you wear lingerie you can also wear shirts, jeans, dresses, shawls, stockings, sweaters, robes, or literally whatever you might imagine! I recently did a session with just a crown and a pretty piece of tulle and it was GORGEOUS!!! Have a favorite tshirt? Bring it! The best part is- I have tons of non-lingerie options in my closet as well!

3. Your session is about YOU!

My personal style or preferences don't matter. I can make you look and FEEL sexy, powerful and beautiful no matter what you want to wear! You can be as dressed up or as dressed down as you want. If you want to be nude, ok great! Want to wear your favorite going out dress, awesome! Prefer to wear different shades of black, I feel you! No matter your preferences, I'm happy to help you find the perfect combinations for YOU!

Still not sure? One of my favorite things I've put together is a complete inspiration guide as well as links to purchase some of my favorite items! This is included in your session fee so you don't feel lost or unsure! Want more hands-on help? Send me a text! I'll be happy to listen to what you like, what you don't like and pull together some ideas for you! At your session, we will take a look at what you bring as well as items from my client closet to complete your look and vibe- no matter what it is!!!

Ready to schedule? We can't wait to have you join us!!!

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