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New Gear means New Growth

I heavily upgraded my camera equipment at the end of February and have LOVED every moment of learning this new equipment! It has changed my entire approach to my sessions and I feel more confident than EVER! I can now shoot in near darkness and still capture every last inch of your beauty! Do you know why sessions cost so much...

My prices reflect my high end equipment. Let me tell you, I was SO excited to purchase a $700 lens! This lens has created nothing less than perfection! Yes, I spent $700 to upgrade my 35mm lens this year and I am in LOVE... it might never leave my camera. I made this purchase to grow in my skills and to be able to provide even more spectacular images because ultimately my business is about YOU, my clients!

I am SO excited to learn my new equipment even more and expand my skills! If you have a session scheduled with me, you can look forward to expanded creativity, better use of ambient light and images that will be completely AMAZING!

All images in this blog were taken with my new camera body and new lens, just to show you the new capabilities of my night/low light sessions!

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