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Mistresses of the Night

In August I got together my brand ambassadors and a few others for a very special project, we were going to use candles to create dark and moody images. All of the ladies were fantastic and came ready to play! One of my favorite things of my brand ambassador program is getting the ladies together for these fun little shoots and friendship building activities!

Brianna is our resident hair and makeup artist! She is always ready to cheer you on and give you all the pampering you need and more! The best part is that she is just as happy to jump in front of the camera as well and she's incredibly talented!

I've known Cali almost as long as I've been running my business here in Utah! She helped me organize the Men of Ice Haus Charity Calendar, she's been monumentally important to the development of our VIP group and has become an incredible friend to almost everyone she meets!

Jaz joined our troop earlier this year and has become a sparkling star! Her outgoing and loving personality is more than enough to make EVERYONE smile! She is always ready to give you a hug or encourage you in whatever you are doing, and no matter what she will never judge you!

Seana has been with me from the start of Centerfold Boudoir!!! She is funny, smart, caring and wise! She not only gives her best in every situation but she aims to ensure that everyone around her is fully loved and supported. She is an advocate for mothers and mental health! <3

Roeshell is the newest addition in our girl gang! She has a personality that brings joy and comfort to all of those around her, she has an attitude that is only matched by her fiery eyes and a soul of pure LOVE! She is great at encouraging others to be themselves and helping bring out your outgoing side. Having her join us has been the most incredible addition to our fun. Also, if you ever need a hug or just want to get out of the house, Roeshell should be at the top of your list to hit up! <3

Be on the lookout to apply to be a part of our loving and supportive women in the coming months! Brand Ambassadors receive awesome discounts for referrals, discounted or even free shoots, a tshirt and a whole new slew of friends! Just imagine, next time you see some fun advertisements on it could be YOU!!!!

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