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Your Identity is Sacred

One of the things I hear a lot is "I'm not sexy like that." No, you're not. You are sexy like YOU!!! That's one of the wonderful things about my job, I can tell you that every single person is sexy in their own unique ways and no two people are exactly the same!

You and your identity are sacred and deserve to be documented just as much as any other woman. You don't need to fit some mold that society tells you to fit. You can be masculine, you can have your natural body hair, you can be androgenous, you can be slender, you can be curvy, you can be neatly trimmed or shaved, you can be whoever you want to be- but the only important this is to be true to yourself. No one person can tell you who to be and you may change over time. Accepting yourself as you are right now should be the ultimate goal!

If you come in to your session wanting to be someone else, you won't love your images as much- although it is fun to play dress up for some of your session- it isn't a requirement. The images you will always love the most are the ones that are truly capturing your essence. I hope when you schedule your session that you have an idea of what you want your images to be like- of your unique essence that you want to capture and that you allow me to photograph YOU!

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