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The Perfect Boobs...

So I have seen a lot of breasts... like seriously. It blows my mind when I realize just how many women I have seen partially or fully exposed in my work as a boudoir photographer. I'm sure I rank up there with fans of Playboy with how many I've seen and let me tell you something... There is no such thing as the perfect set of boobs! Shocking as it may be, every single woman I have met has said something negative about their breasts, even the ones who have paid for theirs!


In my adventures of helping other women to learn to love themselves, the insecurity surrounding breasts seems to run rampant! No two boobs are ever the same... Some point up and out while others point down to the ground. Some seem to be battling gravity and losing and some breasts defy the very laws of gravity. No matter what a woman has hanging out on her chest, whether large or small, it never seems to be what they want. Areolas, nipples, bounce, weight, direction, size, shape... all of these factors make for your body's definition of perfect and while you may not love them, you should! Because they are part of what makes you, you!

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