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Mother's Day- Moments of Reflection


Photo courtesy Between the Canyons Photography


Mother's Day is always a bag of mixed emotions for me and I imagine it's the same for many others. I've personally had some traumatic events as well as beautiful ones on the day we reserve for celebrating moms. No matter where your mother is, no matter where your children are, including this life and the next, mothers deserve to be celebrated for the countless hours they have put in to loving their children and doing everything they can to provide a better life for those they have birthed, raised and made sacrifices for. One of my favorite things about mothers is that they come in all forms, sometimes as adoptive parents, foster parents, sisters, aunts, strangers and friends. Mom tribes help contribute to this with multiple women coming together and loving upon each other's children as though they are their own. Sometimes they are the grandmothers who see you struggling in the grocery stores that lend a hand, or the friends that come to your beck and call even when their own lives are so remarkably busy.

Take a moment today and thank the mothers around you. They work so hard to keep everyone alive and at peace. If you are a mother, take some time for yourself today. Even if it's something as small as a a hot shower without interruptions, you deserve it! Treat yourself!

Picture of the tiny human who made me a mom first, courtesy Jessica Ash & Co. Photography.

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