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Guest Blog- Savanna

Hi! I'm Savanna. 27 year old plus size chick (size 18). Idaho native and Utah transplant. I am so thrilled Allyssa asked me to write a guest blog post to share my experience! 📷

I met Allyssa in June of 2018 after I answered a model call. I had done some boudoir sessions prior and enjoyed the experience. I had a taste of it but wanted more!

We planned for a session at the Salt Lake Marina with another model, Crysta that came a little later. Allyssa was super sweet and made me feel incredibly comfortable right away! The photo of me in the marina with my green bodysuit is still a favorite ♡ A couple months later we worked together again but in studio. My favorite photo of me in a red swimsuit dress is from this session! Every time we get together I have a pile of favorites to add lol 📷

I have worked with Allyssa 7 times total. I had to go count lol. Some free model calls and some paid. I actually ended up being a model at a boudoir workshop she attended (I had no idea she was coming!). Allyssa is one of the boudoir photographers that I 100% reccomend to everyone and would (have) pay (paid) to shoot with! Since working with Allyssa I have learned so much about boudoir posing and modeling. She is never afraid to let you know if something isn't working. She's also super vocal about rooting you on when you're doing amazing! She has definitely been one of the most influential people to further my modeling experience!

Allyssa is one of the MOST inclusive boudoir photographers I've worked with. She welcomes all body shapes, sizes, genders etc. She is seriously such a positive, enthusiastic person!

Even with me putting it all out there on a regular basis as a boudoir model I have not had a nude photo of my current body that I wanted to share with anyone. Just like anyone else I have my insecurities even when I'm telling myself that it's okay to love myself, as I am, today. That was until l did a shoot with Allyssa recently! My nude is 📷 haha

I really have so much incredibly, positive things to say about Allyssa and the Centerfold Boudoir experience! Any day I get to be around her, let alone shoot with her, is a fantastic day! These pictures speak for themselves! Whatever is holding you back from booking...just talk to her. You will absolutely LOVE your session/photos! Money, body image, mindset, wardrobe etc. SHE'S GOT YOU!  

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