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Five Tips to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

1. Drink lots of water! No really- from the moment you schedule your session you should start drinking more water! Water helps your skin be it's healthiest, helps with proper digestion and helps your overall health. In the two weeks leading into your session you'll receive an email reminding you to drink more water! z

2. Try on your outfits at least one week before your session! While we have an extensive client closet available to use, if you have any outfits you want to bring to your session, trying them on BEFORE your session with plenty of time to decide if you love it, hate it, want to replace it or to plan on using the client closet will give you a HUGE sense of relief. It's totally normal to be anxious but your outfits is something we can prevent any anxiety around!

3. Don't be afraid to be YOU! Your session is about YOU- so think outside the box of just "lingerie" boudoir! While some women want to embrace every glamourous inch of themselves with luxury, if that isn't you we can find what IS more you! Sweatpants and a bralette, jerseys, sweaters, dresses, jeans are all completely acceptable options to wear for your session! I'd love to create something with you that is completely unique to my session with you!

4. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi! Spend a couple of hours getting pampered a few days before your session! You don't even fancy acrylics or even nail polish, but just the act of getting your hands and feet cared for, massaged and appropriately trimmed will not only help you relax but will also give you great looking hands and feet!

5. Eat a Light & Healthy Breakfast! The last thing we need at your session is for you to pass out or be grumpy with hunger, so PLEASE eat a light, healthy and LOW-SODIUM breakfast the day of your session! (A personal favorite of mine is cottage cheese with berries.) This will give your body the ability to keep up with our session (because your muscles will be doing things they don't normally do), give you the energy to not feel worn down and prevent bloating, angry tummies and keep you feeling great!

This is just a small list of all the things I advise my clients to do in preparation for your session- when you book you'll receive my FULL session prep guide and email reminders with ALL the things you could ever imagine needing to know! I can't wait to have your sessions and make YOU into a piece of art!

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