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Top 5 Reasons to Plan your Christmas gifts Today!

I know that December seems a long way away on one of the hottest days of July, but planning ahead can save you from some major headaches! Here are my TOP reasons to plan for your boudoir session today!


This may sound crazy but since our products ship from all over the world it can take up to six weeks for our products to arrive... That means that in order to have your products arrive on time, you need to have had your products paid for in full by November 6th! You might be saying, but Allyssa, the 13th is six weeks before Christmas... True, however we have the week of Thanksgiving to remember! There are a few exceptions to this of course, if you choose a print box of any kind then shipping times drastically shorten to approximately one to three weeks.

While it's easy to think that our pictures will be ready to send to print right after the session, the truth is that they won't! Together we will schedule your in person reveal which is typically one to two weeks after your session. Why does it take so long? After your session, the best of your images are chosen to be edited and then each image is hand edited to perfection! This means adjusting lighting and colors, erasing bruises and blemishes and smoothing of the skin. Each image can take anywhere from one minute to one hour and varies drastically throughout your session! The number of images you see at your reveal typically range from 50-80!!! According to this timeline to plan for Christmas, you'll want to have your session no later than October 23rd, which at this time I have three available times for! *Note that you may request rush editing, of 72 hours for $250.

We have a strict policy that products, prints and digital files that are ordered will not be sent to production or sent to you until they are paid in full. I offer pre-payment plans and post session payment plans and you of course always have the option to pay in full at the time of your reveal and ordering session. If you know you want to have your products back in time for Christmas, planning ahead and utilizing our pre-payment plan if you are on a budget is the best choice!

Whether you are ordering special lingerie, planning on using special props or are dreaming of a whole scene, if you show up the day of your session without having planned for it- it won't happen the way you envision! While I have a variety of lingerie, props and items to set a scene, I can't guarantee any of that to happen without you talking to me about it beforehand. Some things given a chance to plan ahead I can provide, but if you are wanting a tree with all the trimmings to be featured, I can't do that without notice!

Giving yourself extra time to plan, pay for your products and actually enjoy your experience is SO much better than putting yourself into a tightly constrained box for time and products! While during the non-holiday seasons we can typically have four to six weeks from the time of your session to you having your products in hand, recognizing that EVERYONE is trying to rush things all at the same time when it comes to Christmas makes everything go slower. So taking the time to plan ahead and prevent frustration by attempting to book your session last minute will make it easier for all parties involved!

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