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Five Reasons Every Mom Needs Boudoir Photos

Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom one thing every mom can agree on is that motherhood is no easy task. Many women often sacrifice aspects of their own lives to accommodate their children, but at the same time put their own needs last. Mothers always talk about how beautiful they looked “before kids” rather than acknowledging their beauty after giving birth. It’s almost 2020 and mothers need to celebrate themselves more and boudoir photography can help. Here are 5 reasons why every mom needs boudoir photos:

1. Moms can be sexy too. Motherhood doesn’t decrease your sex appeal or your individual beauty. In fact, motherhood may actually enhance both your inner and outer sexy. For instance, after having kids you’ve learned to care less of the opinions of others which is really self-empowering. Also, that extra 20, 40 or 10

0 pounds of baby weight that you hate has actually given you a fuller bust, rounder bottom, and more womanly hips which is absolutely sexy!

2. Honor yourself as a mother and woman. Life is a journey and motherhood is part of yours so why not embrace and honor yourself? You might be a little hesitant because you no longer have wash board abs but you carried and birthed another human being which is beyond amazing. Be proud and grateful for the body that you have and understand how beautiful it truly is! Having your own boudoir photos will teach your kids that it’s important to have self-confidence and body positivity. Kids learn from seeing so if your child sees that you have self-love they too will exhibit the same.

3. If you got it, flaunt it! The most beautiful women gracing magazines and television are mothers. Becoming a mom doesn’t put a halt on your attractiveness or sexiness, so like the saying goes “if you got it, flaunt it!” It is not about being arrogant, self-absorbed, or conceited. It’s about being proud of your femininity and your individual beauty. You can still be a goddess and a mother at the same time!

4. Get out of your comfort zone. As mothers we often get into a schedule or constant repetitiveness which leads to boredom. You have to get out of your comfort zone and live life! Yes, you can be the best mom to your kids, but you should also be the best you to yourself also! When you get out of your comfort zone, you will experience something you’ve never experienced before, learn something about yourself, and create lasting memories. Life is about living and a boudoir photo shoot will be a positive life-changing experience!

5. You will see another side of yourself. Photography is a powerful tool that will evoke both the visual and emotional senses. Boudoir photography will capture you in another light – one that you didn’t know existed. If you have been questioning your beauty, boudoir photography will prove to you that yes, you are beautiful and sexy! If you are already confident, you’ll learn more about your body through posing and angles which you can use in your own bedroom with your significant other. One thing is for sure, during your boudoir photo shoot you will feel sexy and beautiful and all your fears will disappear. Then when you get your boudoir photos you will be amazed of the woman that you are and the beauty that you exude. You’ll have your boudoir photos to remind you that you are not just a mom, you are also an empowered, sexy, beautiful woman. You do so much for your own family, it’s time you do something for yourself and a boudoir shoot is just that!

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