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Are you worried about posing- I've got you!

Something I hear a lot is worry about posing, not knowing what to do OR worry about not being ABLE to do the poses. Fortunately for you, not only do I have EXTENSIVE history with photography as both a model and a photographer but I also have experience with mobility issues!

Most of my clients that come in haven't had formal solo pictures taken of themselves since high school or their weddings and this is a totally different game! While I encourage you to find imagery that speaks to you for inspiration - I am not in the business of copying others work- I want to make something beautiful that is also perfectly YOU! I have literally spent DECADES in front of the camera and nearly a decade behind it learning EVERYTHING there is to know about posing, head to toe, and creating unique images that are only for you!

I also have a lot of experience working around mobility issues. As someone who has had back surgery as a young woman, I know from experience to never judge a book by it's cover. In your questionnaire, I ask if you have any mobility issues or health issues that I should be aware of while posing you - I want to make sure that 1. I don't accidentally hurt you. 2. That you feel safe to be completely yourself. 3. That we set reasonable expectations with each other.

Additionally, I LOVE getting creative and making beautiful art and honestly you can do so much with just STANDING! As long as you trust me to guide you, follow directions and don't forget to breathe- trust me, I will remind you to breathe hehe- then we will be able to make some truly STUNNING art together! I hope you enjoy these selections from my Gold Glamour Minis with Miss Sharyn that demonstrates just how much you variety you can achieve with standing poses!

Is a fear of how you will pose holding you back? I hope not anymore! I will absolutely help you every single step of the way! I won't post you in ways that are unflattering, I won't let you talk badly about yourself and I will absolutely cheer you on every step of the way! We will get silly, we will get sexy and most importantly you will leave feeling more confident than you did when you walked in!

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