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Here at Centerfold Boudoir, we understand that you want to have the full experience and purchase your images but may not have the extra money to pay for it all at once. We currently offer a Pre-Payment Plan to make your purchase more affordable. When choosing a pre-payment plan you will also receive BONUSES! 


Pre-Payment Plan

When it comes to getting your pictures back, we know that you want them in your hands as soon as possible, as such we are introducing a pre-payment plan option. Pre-payment plans still allow for the fun and excitement of your image reveal BUT let you walk away knowing that your pre-selected purchase is paid for and your order will be placed once your reveal is complete! 

Plus we offer some great perks for pre-paying... 

When you pre-pay for your Collection you will receive a special bonus! From an extra outfit during your session to more images in your album- each collection has it's own special pre-payment bonus for you to choose! 

Walk into your session knowing that everything is already paid for and you won't need to pay for anything else! 

Pre-payment plans can be done in one lump sum, split into equal monthly payments or another arrangement, it's really up to you and what fits your budget! 

Plus if you decide to add on more at your reveal you'll receive a 15% discount!

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