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Centerfold Boudoir is amazing! I highly recommend them! Allyssa and Cali are the dynamic duo, they make you feel like a goddess from start to finish! Cali is a phenomenal hair and makeup artist and Allyssa kills it behind the camera! Forget about being nervous these ladies are amazing cheerleaders too! I promise you'll leave your session full of confidence and on top of the world! I can't wait for my next session!! - Roeshell


I am not sure how Allyssa does it but she always makes me feel like I am royalty . I have done a total of 3 photoshoots with her so far in 2 years ! One family shoot and 2 boudiour shots. When she photographs you she makes you feel amazing and special . I have never had so much confidence in my life until I was around her . Not only does she find you beautiful but brings out the beauty and personality of each individual in all her shots ! I have come to love and trust Allyssa as more than just a photographer but as a friend . She is there to help you and listen to you to make your experience the best that it could ever be. Honestly, I do believe in you get what you pay for when it comes to photos . The experience and final products are what matters the most and her pictures speak for themselves . If you are ever interested in doing boudiour but are to scared to do it ; message her and tell her your fears . She and her embassadors will help you through it and you will want to book right away ... I promise !!!! - Teresa






$99 Session fee includes full hair and makeup, a 75 minute session, access to client closet, Swag Bag & Lingerie to keep and a one on one reveal and ordering session.

Choose your own luxury prints and products from our exclusive menu. Collections start at $1500.
Note that no products, prints or files are included in the session fee.

What’s included in this STEAL of a deal ?


  • $99 Session: Full hair & makeup, up to three outfits, 75 minute session,
    & Swag Bag including a lingerie outfit to keep.
    ($400 value)

  • Professional posing guidance, Allyssa will pose you and guide you through personalized poses and coach you every step of the way! 

  • One on one image reveal and ordering session, join Allyssa viewing your images and choosing your perfect package! 

Choose your own luxury prints and products from our exclusive menu.

Collections start at $1500.


✔️ Session Prep Guide: Complete guide to preparing for your session
✔️Lingerie Guide: Explains different styles of lingerie to help you choose your best options
​✔️Studio Wardrobe: Use of our XS-4X studio wardrobe.
✔️NEW THIS YEAR: Lingerie will be ordered in your size JUST for you!!!
​✔️Confidence boost: fill your self love tank!
✔️Magazine Quality Retouching! We will make sure your photos are beautifully edited without "changing" you!
​✔️Empowerment: during your shoot, after and every time you look at your images in print!


Loved the time spent and the make up and hair and the photos taken :) all around amazing first experience!

- Bri


Why should I book a session???

1. Its fun! Everyone loves to have fun and feel like a Boss Babe!
2.Its empowering! No really, you'll come in nervous (it's totally normal) and then throughout your session you will start to see yourself through my eyes, as the stunning goddess you really are. Then whenever you have a rough day you get to pull out your album or look at your portrait on the wall to remind yourself that you are AMAZING!!!
3. Do it for YOURSELF!!!! You don't need anyone special in your life to do it for, this experience is for YOU! 
4. I don't want to hear the excuse that you want to lose weight first! Girl, first of all you are gorgeous just the way you are! Secondly, with posing, outfit guidence, and lighting I guarantee you that I can do more for your self esteem than 6 months at the gym!!!! Seriously!


-All payments are NONREFUNDABLE, no exceptions
- -If you cancel your shoot, you will be charged up to a $500 cancellation fee! 
-All products are purchased separately. Note that no products, prints or files are included in the session fee. 
-Collections start at $1500.
-Up to 12 month payment plans available for products.
-The photo shoot will take place in my studio in Salt Lake City, UT.
-You must be 18+ years old to participate. Age verification will be required.



Want to review our pricing menu first? Click Below to view our full Collections and Add-on & Upgrade Menus!

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